Halloween Mythology Tours with Boyne Boats


The myth and legend of the Boyne Valley has been celebrated for 1000's of years. At Boyne Boats we bring our own unique twist to the stories of yesteryear. Fionn and The Salmon of knowledge, Boann the Goddess of the Boyne, Neachtan and the Dagda and the origins of Halloween itself - Samhain. Of course it has to have a Game of Thrones twist so we'll add in our own encounters with white walkers and dragons on the set of the biggest show in the world! 

Tours at 12pm & 2pm daily.

Saturday 28th October, Sunday 29th October, Monday 30th October, Tuesday 31st October, Wednesday 1st November, Thursday 2nd November, Friday 3rd November, Saturday 4th November, Sunday 5th November
Boyne Boats, Battle of the Boyne/Oldbridge House entrance
Adult €20, Youth -13-17yrs €15, Child - under 12 €10, Family of 4 (2adults & 2children) €50, Private Tour (up to 8 guests) €120
Suitable for: 
Children & Families
Boyne Boats
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