Samhain Firewalk Fundraiser at Loughcrew Megalithic Centre

Samhain Firewalk Fundraiser
Samhain Firewalk Fundraiser
Samhain Firewalk Fundraiser

Firewalking is defined as walking barefoot over hot embers, it is an ancient practise to test ones courage or faith!. . . or in this case to raise much needed funds for Irish Dogs for the Disabled an organisation who depend soly on fundraisers to provide assistant dogs for children who desperately need them. All you have to do to take up this really cool or hot challenge is raise €150 and get walking. Training is provided on the night.

Sunday 29th October
Loughcrew Megalithic Centre Summerbank, Oldcastle, Co. Meath
Participants must raise €150 to join in the fun
Suitable for: 
14 and Over
Loughcrew Megalithic Centre
+353 (0) 85 2744557